Cops Attack Subway Workers in Brazil, Free Fare Movement Announce June 19th Actions


[June 7, update:

To break the strike at the subway in Brazil, the government has deployed the military police to force them back to work, which is against their own laws. Armed military police guard each worker as functions and administrative staff are diverted to other functions, endangering the subway users.


Military police forcing strikers back to work. They have done this before with Garis strikers… pic via Passe Livre São Paulo

Previously, cops have attacked workers with rubber bullets and teargas, but they did not gave up the strike.]

A lot is happening in Brazil before FIFA’s World Cup: The Subway workers on strike in São Paulo were attacked by the military police yesterday, the Free Fare movement has announced protests for June 19th, and people are gearing up for a multitude of protests against the World Cup, of which you can find an updated list of here

The Free Fare Movement (Movimento Passe Livre or MPL) is a Brazilian social movement that advocates the adoption of free fares in mass transit. The movement and gained prominence for its participation in the planning of the 2013 Brazilian protests.

MPL is an independent social movement and horizontal, which means that they doesn’t have presidents, rulers, heads or secretaries. Everyone have the same voice and decision-making within their spaces.

The following June 19th protests have been set up by the Free Fare Movement:

Rio de Janeiro – RJ

São Paulo – SP

Natal – RN

Brazil Subway's workers strike attacked 6/5

Brazil Subway’s workers strike attacked 6/5 Photo: Thiago Stone

The Union of Subway workers has released this statement on the incident:

This morning (6/5), about 100 subway workers were violently attacked by Choque of the Military Police of São Paulo, in Ana Rosa station, which occurred after a protest in support of the strike. At least fifteen people were injured and one worker was arrested.

For two days the category is on strike, approved unanimously by the assembly workers. This strike is over wages, improved working conditions, the career plan and the risk premium, but also for decent transportation in the city of São Paulo.

In São Paulo, the government charges one of the highest rates in the country. The chaos in city traffic is the fault of many years of an administration that cares little about the lives of the working class.
We have been negotiating for more than two months with the government. Because of an uncompromising stance of Governor Alckmin, today the subway is on strike.

Brazil Subway's workers strike attacked 6/5

Brazil Subway’s workers strike attacked 6/5

Yesterday, after an attempt to negotiate in the TRT, the impasse continued because of the intransigence of governor in not accepting the proposed release of the turnstiles. Through this discussion in the Court, the Union proposed to free the ratchet to the assembly, that was accepted by the majority of the subway workers. We are willing to work without pay if there is release of the turnstiles.

Alckmin Government’s response to our demands was police violence, repression and criminalization of social movements. We have the support and solidarity of all workers, unions and central to our struggle. We ask that workers and unions manifest in favor of our struggle.

Via Sindicato dos Metroviários de São Paulo


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